/tʃɪl / (say chil)

1. coldness, especially a moderate but penetrating coldness.
2. a sensation of cold, usually with shivering.
3. a cold stage, as a first symptom of illness.
4. a depressing influence or sensation.
5. a metal mould for making chilled castings.
6. a piece of metal which connects the base of a bed to the bedhead.
7. Metallurgy
a. a metal insert embedded in the surface of a sand mould or core, or placed in a mould cavity to increase the cooling rate at that point.
b. white iron occurring on a grey iron casting.
8. a coldness of manner, lack of friendliness.
9. cold; tending to cause shivering.
10. shivering with cold.
11. depressing or discouraging.
12. not warm or hearty: a chill reception.
verb (i)
13. to become cold.
14. to be seized with a chill.
15. Metallurgy to become hard, especially on the surface, by sudden cooling, as a metal mould.
16. Also, chill out. Colloquial to let go of emotional tension and stressful engagement; relax.
verb (t)
17. to affect with cold; make chilly: *An icy breeze filtered through the open window, chilling the compartment. –simon french, 1975.
18. to make cool, but not freeze: to chill wines.
19. to harden by sudden cooling.
20. to depress; discourage: chill his hopes.
21. to horrify: the commandant's words chilled me.
22. Metallurgy to harden (cast-iron or steel) on the surface by casting in a metal mould.
23. take a chill pill, Colloquial to calm down.
{Middle English chile, Old English ciele, cile coolness. Compare cool, cold}
chillness, noun
chillingly, adverb
chilled, adjective

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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